Effective 7th July, 2018 Connectsoft Ltd will be trading as GMT Consults, All services and contacts remain unchanged. Please feel free to reach us on our usual contacts or reach us by mail at support@gmtconsults.com. We regret any invenience this may cause.
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  • Welcome to Connectsoft

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  • Building a Better Business

    Make a beautiful website that will attract and have your customers
    know what you deliver

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    We are well equiped with the knowledge and experience to realize a break through by
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We are Connectsoft

Software Development

We develop state of the art software to suit your needs. Web Applications, Desktop Software, Database development, CMS, OpenSource Customizations

We are Connectsoft

Website Development

Have a website Developed as quick as yesterday ? We are here to support you! Our website comes fully Search Engine optimized, responsive and attractive

We are Connectsoft

Trusted, Reliable Hosting

We do not only offer reliable, quarranted 99.9% uptime hosting, but also our packages will live you satisfied to telling a friend about us.


We are a one stop company to making sure your business grows and reaches a great deal of clients world wide, we will design, develop and host your website. Also we will offer you a software solution that will help you monitor and run your business smoothly.

IT Consultancy

Connecting technology to your business needs, we are here to brain storm with you how IT can help you increase your business revenue.

Software development

We are reachly equiped with skilled professional staff that will study your problem and give you the best software solution that will increase your business revenue and smooth day to day operations.

Website Develpment

We design, develop highly beautiful responsive websites that are not only attractive but give a great picture of you business to your clients across the globe.

Website Hosting

We provide reliable 99.9% uptime, each plan comes with corporate emails that will add value when making official communications with your clients.

Feedback From Our Clients

Words from our trusted clients

  • Connectsoft Limited designed my website and completed it on time, There communication was astonishing all through the development process untill it was completed, and always provide me with support whenever i need them, I highly recommend them for any project.
  • Ever since GMT consults website was designed by Connectsoft it has never been down, my corporate company emails work perfectly and my business is now know world wide, Bravo Connectsoft
  • My website was completed on time, The cms or admin system is easy to use and am able to update my website at anytime and whereever i am. This is awesome for me and am happy about it. I therefore highly recommend connectsoft for the work well done.

We care about your business

Our professionally equiped staff will carefully study and respond to your business needs, Our live chat, email, phone, and whatsApp contacts are all available to attend to your queries or compliments. Feel free to try us today